It is a big crime for someone to consume alcohol, and get behind the wheels of a vehicle to drive. There are some negative consequences which comes with this.

The act of drinking and driving is sometimes referred to as “Driving under the influence”, or “Driving while intoxicated”. It basically involves handling a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of a minimum of 0.08 percent.

However, even a minimal amount of alcohol, has the capacity to cause unpleasant situations while behind the wheels. In most developed countries, it is a crime to drink and drive. Alcohol addiction is a condition which can be effectively treated with the help of a good treatment centre.

One of the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol is, your reaction time is slow. When alcohol is still in the system, it can hamper the way you respond in various situations. Drinking reduces your response time, which increases the chances of causing an accident.

Hence, if a vehicle in front of you quickly applies a brake, or a pedestrian crosses the road abruptly without signal, it could take long for your brain to process the occurrence, and prevent an accident.

Also, driving under the influence of alcohol, ensures that there is lack of coordination. Drinking heavily affects the motor skills of a person, as the hand, eye and foot coordination are affected. Without the presence of important coordination skills, it might be difficult to avoid incoming dangerous situations.

In addition to this, concentration also reduces after taking alcohol. No matter how little the quantity of alcohol is, it can influence your concentration.

While driving, there are lots of things which demand that your concentration is undivided. However, when your attention span is on the decline because of drinking, it greatly reduces the chance of an accident.

Another major consequence of alcohol drinking while driving is, it reduces vision. During this period, the driver will notice that his vision is blurred, and it would be difficult to control the movement of the eye. Impaired vision has the capacity to affect how you measure distance on the road.

Drivers are advised that before they take to the road, they should avoid substances such as alcohol, which could greatly affect their transit on the road.

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