How to know a driver is struggling with addiction

When a driver is addicted, they might be a danger to other drivers like themselves, and other categories of road users. Therefore, it is imperative for them to get help so that they can become sober and use the road the right way.

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Here are some signs to tell that a driver is addicted

Failing to obey traffic laws and signs

One of the major ways to tell that a driver is struggling with addiction is when they find it hard to stick to traffic rules. This might not be an intentional act, but most times, it is due to their inability not to remember because of the influence of their addiction.

Difficulty staying in their lanes

Whenever addicted drivers are on the road, they may find it hard to remain on their lanes. You will always see them switching from one lane to the other, and they end up confusing other motorists.

Tailgating other vehicles

Another way to know that a driver has an addiction problem is when they end up tailgating other car users. This means that they may barely give enough space between their vehicle and the next. If the car in front of them stops immediately, a collision could occur.

Close call accidents

Having close-call accidents is one of the ways to know that addiction might be in play. The addicted driver might have close accidents because of their poor decision-making on the road, which is influenced by their addiction.

Poor coordination and motor skills

When addiction is in the picture, the driver is likely to have poor coordination and motor skills. Their brains, hands, and eyes might not be properly coordinated, thereby making it hard for them to avoid danger.

If you have observed some of the above-mentioned signs in a driver, and you can confirm that they are addicted, you can assist them in getting help. You can recommend a reputable rehab for them where they can get treated for their addiction.

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