How to tell if someone is driving under the influence of alcohol

When it comes to driving in most countries around the world, being under the influence of alcohol is a punishable crime. This is because driving under the influence of alcohol can cause accidents which could lead to serious injuries and deaths.

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Therefore, while it may be difficult to totally put a stop to this road menace, other sober drivers on the road need to know how to recognize drunk or tipsy drivers.

Here are some tips to tell if a driver is under the influence of alcohol

Consistent Tailgating

When alcohol-impaired drivers are on the road, their vision is usually affected. This means that the moving and static objects on the road might not be in their actual positions.

Drivers under the influence of alcohol may find it hard to focus on the cars in front of them, so they try to just stay behind them.

The danger that comes with this action is, they might not be able to act quickly if the conditions on the road change.

Breaking road rules and traffic laws

Another way to tell if someone is driving under the influence of alcohol is when they keep breaking the road rules and traffic laws. Alcohol-impaired drivers find it hard to follow the road signs, and their reaction behind the wheel is usually slow compared to other road users.

For instance, they might not observe that the red light is on, which might lead to accidents especially if they are at crossroads where other cars are approaching from different angles.


When a driver keeps swerving on the road, it might be a sign that their driving and decision-making have been impaired by alcohol.

Alcohol makes it difficult for drivers to focus on what they have to do. Hence, they might not see the road marks that should guide them when they are driving.


While you observe some of these signs from drivers on the road, it might not actually prove that they are under the influence of alcohol. However, it is best to keep your distance from them on the road.

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