Alcohol addiction is usually a combination of environmental, psychological and genetic factors. When the risk factors shown by a person increases, the more the addiction increases, and a good number of times, they are out of the control of the individual.

Below are some of the causes of alcohol addiction:

  1. Stress: Some people have been deceived to think that, alcohol helps in relieving stress. The fact is, it only gives a temporary relief. Someone who has a very demanding job will most likely be addicted to alcohol, because it is the conventional cure for stress. With time, the individual would become addicted, and will not only take alcohol because he is addicted, but because of the accompanying pleasures which comes with it.


  1. Taking alcohol at an early age: Adults who started drinking alcohol at an early age, are more likely to develop an addiction, than those who started drinking during adulthood. This does not only occur because drinking is a habit they are comfortable with; it happens because the tolerance levels of the body increases.

  1. Mental health problems: Another major cause of alcohol addiction is the presence of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. It is an effortless act to bank on alcohol when anxiety and depression sets in. At first, the effects of alcohol might take the feelings away for a short while. However, it could cause increased drinking, thereby inducing alcohol addiction.


  1. Alcohol with medicine: It gets to a stage where the satisfaction which comes with taking alcohol alone is not sufficient. Hence, there is a need for the addict to spike his drink regularly with substances which would make him more active and satisfied. Some of these medications are dangerous, and they could cause serious health problems in the addict.


  1. Family history: If an individual has a parent or a relative who happens to be an alcohol addict, there are likely chance that the individual would follow suit. When you spend time with people who are heavy drinkers, they can influence you to drink alcohol.

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